Collaboration with GALA

Dear American Translators Association: Nordic Division,

I am writing to ask for a favor and to suggest a possible collaboration with your organization. The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international non-profit association of companies providing translation, internationalization, localization and globalization products and services. Our membership represents approximately 300 companies in 43 countries.

This year, GALA is launching its first independent annual conference, “GALA 2009: The language of business. The business of language.” The event will take place 14-16 September in Cancun, Mexico.

I would like to ask if you could please include a brief announcement about the event in one of your member communications or on your web site.  We believe the workshops offered at GALA 2009 would be of interest to some of your members.  Likewise, we would be happy to include a listing about your upcoming event or announcement on our web site.

In addition, I would like to suggest the possibility of collaborating on content.  Like other associations, we are always looking for new ideas for workshops and speakers at our events, and perhaps you are, too. If you are interested in workshops or articles on localization or preparing products for global markets, we have a cadre of experts ready to provide great content. And if your members are experts in topics that you would like to share with our member companies, we would be interested in hearing from you.

I hope this note finds you well and I thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Laura Brandon
Association Development Manager

Globalization and Localization Association
Skype ID: laurabrandon
+1 (206) 329-2596
Seattle, Washington, USA (GMT -8)

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