Nordic division at the ATA conference 2009

This year American Translators Association celebrated 50 years and the conference in New York last week was bigger than ever. It was a pleasure to see such a big gathering of people from the Nordic Division, many had travelled all the way from Scandinavia. We had several guest speakers from Finland, England and USA and especially the Finnish translators were very well represented. Kudos to Thor Truelsson and Tina Fallini for arranging these speakers.

 I had a great time at the conference and it was especially nice to meet so many new colleagues in the Nordic Division. I look forward to collaborating with many of you in the near future. One of the best things with these conferences is to meet new and old friends from the Nordic Division and exchange experiences, tips and procedures. The Nordic dinner was delicious and the networking flourished. The conference hotel was located right on Times Square and I am not sure if that contributed to the whole conference experience being hectic.

 Both the Swedish-English and English-Swedish certification program is moving forward and we will hopefully have these certifications up and running in the near future. Meeting and discussing with other graders was a big help. The Nordic Divisions blog was also officially introduced to everyone.

 If you participated in this year’s conference I would like to know your experiences. Please share them on this blog.

 A bit more about this blog:

 Anyone can contribute to the blog. If you want to post something you can send it to me by email: To comment on a post, just click on the comment link at the bottom of the post. I will get an email asking me to approve the comment. I hope that everyone will be encouraged to post experiences, articles etc. that are related to the Nordic Division and the translation of the Nordic languages here. If you want to subscribe to this blog, just click on the “Feed” button and choose how you want to view all updates to the blog. One example is to choose “Google Reader”. Contact me if questions.

 Do you have any suggestions for the blog? Changes? Pictures? Just email me!

 Tess Whitty

One Response to Nordic division at the ATA conference 2009

  1. I agree, Tess. It was a great conference.
    By the way, it looks like there’s no RSS feed button on this page. I only get the feed link to this article after I opened this for commenting.

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