Alliance for Sweden

We talked about how to translate “Alliansregeringen” at the workshop. The general consensus as I understood it was to call it a coalition government as alliance (for example “alliance government”) sounded odd.
However, I couldn’t actually recall seeing it referred to as a “coalition government” on the Swedish government’s website and therefore checked it when I got back.
I see that the Swedish government is referred to as “The Alliance for Sweden Government” on the Government’s website and on those of the political parties participating in government. In other contexts (for example, the BBC), it’s referred to as “centre-right coalition government”. However, I haven’t yet been able to find the word “coalition” used on the Swedish government’s website or those of the political parties (it may be there but I haven’t found it).
The logic behind this is that the four parties that now make up the government formed “The Alliance for Sweden” before the election when these parties were in opposition and used this name during the election campaign. I haven’t seen any explicit reason for this choice of language but I can imagine that the four governmental parties might wish to stress the depth and longevity of their collaboration. A coalition is a broad term, which can cover everything from long-term collaboration between political parties to the more “shotgun marriage”-type of situation when two parties work together awkwardly just to make up a majority.  
For us as translators then, “centre-right coalition government” is fine in general contexts when referring to the Swedish government but “The Alliance for Sweden” should be used in official contexts or
as the official name of the government.
David Kendall
Anglia AB

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