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There has been a lot of discussion on forums and conferences lately about direct clients and how to get them. There are a lot of tips on how to get clients when you translate into US English in the US, but I am wondering how you go about getting direct clients if you translate into another language, i.e. one of the Nordic languages. Do you contact companies in that particular Scandinavian country. What are your experiences? I hope this can start an interesting discussion.

One Response to Direct clients

  1. Thor says:

    You want my 2 cents, I think this has a lot to do with the sort of materials that someone specializes in. For marketing/advertising, I think end-clients in the non-native culture (the US for those of you translating into Scandinavian) would be far easier to come by. For law I think it would be opposite.

    This is basically due to the fact that companies want to present themselves in a local-friendly format, and lawyers most just want to know what some document is saying.

    How to get them? Call them, email them. It’s great to work with them, but none of mine really have that much volume. Just a few things, a few times per year. I wish I had more, however.

    At the conference in Denver we’ll have a guy talk about working as an in-house translator in Denmark (pending the ok from the powers that be). While not quite the same, perhaps that might be something many of you will find interesting.

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