Nordic Division 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes (Revised)

Date:              October 28, 2011 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Place:              Marriott Copley Place, Boston

Present:               Christian Schoenberg, Tapani Ronni, Hanne-Rask Sonderberg, Jane Kjems, Marina Meerburg, Dania Wendell, Karin Berling, Irja Frank, Kirsti Langbein, Dee Shields, Jayme DeSocio, Celia Chamatropulos, Catarina J Wilson, Saila Milja-Smyly, David Rumsey, Tom Ellett and Alice Klingener.


1.                   Call to order

Administrator Christian Schoenberg called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.

2.                   Acceptance of agenda

Agenda was accepted as presented.

3.                   Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

We were unable to locate the minutes taken at the ND Annual Meeting at the 51st ATA Conference in Denver in 2010.

4.                   ND Overview for 2011 (Christian Schoenberg + Tapani Ronni)

Christian Schoenberg presented an overview of 2011 activities.

–                   For branding reasons, ATA does not allow its name to be used for ND outreach efforts.

–                   Chamber of commerce outreach needs to take place through the ATA PR Office or by using materials specifically approved by the ATA.

–                   The ND LinkedIn group is doing quite well. It currently has 34 members.

–                   The Facebook group is in the process of being closed down. Most members seem to prefer LinkedIn as a forum.

–                   We also have a ND blog run by Tess Whitty and Christian Schoenberg.

–                   David Rumsey presented the ATA/Division organizational structure for the members of the meeting.

–                  The Nordic Division website has been updated: more content welcome, contact Christian Schoenberg. We are in the process of listing all reference works relevant to translators working with Nordic language documents.

–                  ND Annual Dinner will take place Friday, Oct. 28th at 7:30 pm

5.                   Governing Policy for Divisions (David Rumsey)

Governing policy for Divisions; leadership council and nominating committee. ATA has switched the administrative structure for the divisions from having just an administrator and assistant administrator to creating “leadership councils”.  Each “leadership council” consists of 3-10 member, who will help share some of the duties and provide greater input from the division membership.  Ideally it contains a mix of old veterans and new recruits to ensure better consistency over time. The first leadership council is appointed by the acting Division Administrator. Leadership committee members will not have term limits. A nominating committee of 2-3 members will select a Division Administrator and Assistant Administrator from among the Leadership Council, who will act as the main contacts with ATA HQ.

6.                   New Business for 2012

Christian Schoenberg described the duties of the Administrator and Assistant Administrator: Function as a liaison with the ATA, maintaining the website, blog, LinkedIn group and arranging the ATA Nordic Meeting, and attempt to find speakers for the ATA Annual Conferences.

David Rumsey, Tuomas Kostainen and Jane Kjems volunteered for nominating committee.

They will select a Administrator/Assistant Administrator from among the Leadership Committee during the year.  Other candidates can nominate themselves.

Topic and speakers needed for 2012 conference. Many suggestions were received from the floor and Christian will follow up on those:

  • Translating for Law Firms
  • Clean Technology and Oil/Gas
  • Technical Translation
  • Scandinavian Literary Translations for the U.S. Markets
  • Fair Trade Translations
  • Translations of Opera/Musical Theater Texts for the U.S. Markets
  • Anglicization of the Nordic Languages
  • False Friends in the Nordic Languages
  • EU Documentation
  • Subtitling

Deadline for further suggestions and specific speakers is in February.

ATA Conference in 2012. ATA’s 53rd  Annual Conference
Hilton San Diego Convention Center,  San Diego, California, October 24-27, 2012

English to Swedish is approved and running. English to Danish not on the table. Swedish to English is work in progress. Norwegian tests are not in progress.

6.                         Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 11:03 am. Thanks for a great meeting!


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