NCIHC Career Center Connects Job Seekers and Employers to Improve Language Access in Health Care

Submitted by: National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) recently launched the NCIHC Career Center, a new online career center designed specifically to connect employers and healthcare language service professionals.   It can be found at and can be accessed by NCIHC members and non-members alike.

The service is free of charge for job seekers, and there are a variety of job posting products available to hiring organizations. NCIHC’s employment marketplace distinguishes itself from generalist job boards in a number of ways, including:

  • a highly targeted focus on employment opportunities in healthcare language services;
  • the ability for employers to post jobs easily, track activity on those postings, send job opportunities to NCIHC members via email, generate brand exposure, expose jobs via NCIHC’s social media channels, advertise in NCIHC print publications, and more;
  • the ability for job seekers to utilize anonymous resume posting and job application—enabling candidates to stay connected to the employment market while maintaining full control over their confidential information; and
  • gain access to industry-specific jobs and top-quality candidates—a feature not seen on  mass job boards.

“Providing our members with opportunities for professional development, networking and career growth are core to our mission of promoting language access in health care,” said Joy Connell, NCIHC President.  “The breadth of our member base also makes us the best channel available to employers to expose open jobs to active and passive job seekers,” she continued.  “With the help of JobTarget technology and expertise, our Career Center is populated with a large number of relevant jobs and offers a variety of powerful tools for both employers and jobseekers.”

“Language access professionals can now rely on NCIHC to provide resources to help advance their careers,” said Tristan Jordan, Vice President, Career Center Business Unit at JobTarget, NCIHC’s partner in this new resource. “This valuable career resource will serve NCIHC’s vast network of supporters, while at the same time providing access for employers in the industry to a pool of highly qualified, niche talent.” For more information, visit

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