Date:    November 7, 2013 at 12:30 – 1:00 pm

Place:   The Marriott Riverside Center, San Antonio, TX

Present:      Tapani Ronni (TR), David Rumsey (DR), Catrine Modig (CM), Linda Theis, Tess Whitty (TW), Tom Ellett (TE), Roger Stenlund, Nina Lehtinen, Eva Helgesten, Niels Johan D. Andersen, Tuija Nordstrom, Tuomas Kostiainen (TK), Erkki Pekkinen, Ingrid Abrahmsson, David Kendall, Dee Shields

1.   Call to order

Administrator Tapani Ronni (TR) called the meeting to order at 12:32 pm.

2.        Acceptance of agenda

The agenda was accepted as presented.

3.        Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

The Nordic Division (ND) Annual Meeting minutes from the 53nd annual meeting in San Diego, CA, were presented and accepted. TW requested that the minutes be sent out earlier: TR will send them out to everyone by e-mail.

4.        ND Overview for 2013 (TR)

TR presented an overview of 2013 activities. DR: The Nordic Division has about 400 members, according to DR.

The ND LinkedIn group is active, successful; useful discussions.

The ND Web site is very static. It was designed by the former administrator. The main activity is the blog. The Webmaster is Charles Ek (CE). There is always room for new material, i.e. articles, which have to be approved by the ATA before posting.

We could include the link to the ND blog in the mail when we send out the minutes. Otherwise just go to the Nordic Division page and click on the link on the right.

TW asked that the minutes be sent out earlier. TR: We’ll try to send the minutes out to everyone, possibly by cutting/pasting into an e-mail.

DR suggested setting up an ND Facebook page: it’s a more ”intimate” setting, ok to use for informal communication (anything formal has to go through ATA HQ). No ATA permission is necessary to set up the group, but it has to be set up as a closed/confidential group, which allows approval of new members/postings. Other divisions have found it an easy way to communicate on a personal level. TW volunteered to be the Facebook group administrator; this was okayed by TR.

The ND Annual Dinner will take place Saturday, November 9, at the restaurant Zocca on the Riverwalk.

5.        New Business for 2014

The conference will be in Chicago next year. We had two speakers last year, but only one this year. (Thank you, TW!) We haven’t had a distinguished speaker since 2009 (from Finland), and we would love to have one. Suggestions are more than welcome, also for speakers that are not ”distinguished”.

DR: A good way to get distinguished speakers is to think about the people you work with. We need someone affordable and preferably with cross-divisional appeal, e.g. the head of the translation department at Volvo would be great, because we would probably also see Science and Technology Division members attending the session(s). Another idea is ”practical” speakers from the end client or agency side of the business, e.g. a project manager from an agency. Speakers should preferably be local; if they’re not, they have to be a justifiable choice. Chicago has a lot of Scandinavian heritage, which should make it easier to find someone local.

TW asked what the definition of ”distinguished” was in this context. DR replied that it means not an ATA member. If we can find someone whose employer will pay for them to speak at the conference, then that’s even better.

TR: Please send proposals for next year’s conference. The deadline is March 10. Start thinking about it now and write your proposal if you want to be a speaker next year.

DR resigned from the Nominating Committee (NC) due to other obligations. TR asked for a replacement, but there were no volunteers. Current members are TK and Jane Kjems.

The more people we have on the Leadership Council, the better. The work is done by e-mail; teleconferencing is not necessary. TE and TW volunteered to join. The LC is now Tapani Ronni, Charles Ek, Tess Whitty, Catrine Modig, Tom Ellett, and Lisa Dahlander.

6.                          Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at about 1:00 pm. Thanks for a great meeting.


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