Date: November 6, 2014

Place: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Chicago, Illinois

Present: Tapani Ronni, Diane Manown, John Foulks, Jill Timbers, Tuomas Kostiainen, Sonia Wichmann, Hannie Nordlund, Laura Nordlund, Tess Whitty, Anna Hamers, Irmeli Kuehnel, Tom Ellett, Bruce Maylath, Erling Dugan, Catrine Modig Dirgin, Henrik Nilsson

  1. Call to order

Administrator Tapani Ronni (TR) called the meeting to order at 12:20 pm.

  1. Acceptance of agenda

The agenda was accepted as presented.

  1. Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

The Nordic Division (ND) annual meeting minutes from the 54th annual meeting in San Antonio, TX, were presented and accepted without correction.

  1. ND overview for 2014 (TR)
  • The number of ND members as of September 2014 was 496.
  • There is a Facebook page administered by Tess Whitty: it is meant to be a forum for discussion, but there is not much activity.
  • Other activities: LinkedIn. Asked what the other divisions do, TR answered that many divisions have newsletters. The ND used to have one, but there was very little response, so we are trying social media instead. Some divisions have mid-year conferences.
  • The annual dinner will be held at Tre Kronor: we will meet in the lobby at 6:25 and take cabs to get there.
  • This year the distinguished speaker was from Sweden: Henrik Nilsson. There were about 22 people at his seminar (G) on Wednesday; it seemed to be a success. He will be attending the ND dinner. This is our first distinguished speaker since 2009.
  • The ND leadership council: TR was re-elected administrator and Charles Ek vice-administrator, both by acclamation. TR requested that more members join the council. Other members: Tess Whitty, Catrine Modig, Tom Ellett and Lisa Dahlander.
  • The nominating committee (NC) consisted of Tuomas Kostiainen (TK) and Jane Kjems. TK said that at least two new members were needed. Duties are to nominate the division administrator and vice-administrator, but anyone can submit their name. The idea is for the previous administrator not to pick his/her own followers. The procedure is that the NC either asks the current administrator to continue or asks other division members if they are willing to run, or they can put forward several names. The ATA then announces the candidates and asks if anyone else wishes to nominate themselves, but, as TR says, not many people come forward. It can be easy – contact a candidate for admin/vice-admin and both accept – or it can be difficult to find candidates willing to stand.
  1. New business for 2015
  • The conference will be in Miami next year.
  • TR requested ideas for new activities.
  • TR explained that he is permitted to send out e-mails only four times a year, but plans to send out a broadcast in 2015 asking members to volunteer to work on the LinkedIn and other activities.
  • Henrik Nilsson (distinguished speaker) pointed out that anyone in the division could request the slides from his session if they wished. The Nordic Terminology Association holds a three-day annual meeting – next year in Iceland – at the beginning of June, and there’s always something about translation in the program. The languages are Scandinavian, sometimes English or interpreting into Finnish. The Association has a termbank in all Nordic languages, even Greenlandic. There are about 300,000 terms at Rikstermbanken.se. Nordterm is an umbrella organization for future joint terminological termbanks, including the Bank of Finnish Terminology; the termbank projects can be found at nordterm.net. There is also a Termlist course for 7.5 credits held online with one teacher from each of the Nordic countries. It has already been held three times, but it’s about terminology, not translation. Funding was applied for, but denied because it wasn’t in English. There are assignments and a final assessment. Hopefully the next course will be held next autumn. There is also a conference every two years; the next one is in 2015. www.termlist.no.
  • Bruce Maylath said he was writing a book about what technical translators should know. He was looking for “horror stories” about what happens when a client doesn’t understand what translation is.
  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:49 pm.



  1. KB says:

    I got to the nordterm site at nordterm.net – the links in the minutes did not lead anywhere for me. Curious as to how many in the ATA Nordic Division might take the trip to Iceland next Summer?

  2. Charles Ek says:

    Hei Karin! Takk for tipset! The Nordterm link has been fixed now.

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