Date: November 6, 2015

Place: Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, Florida

Present: Tapani Ronni, Anna Herinerén, Tuomas Kostiainen, Lisa Dahlander, Charlotte Brasler, Richard S. Sciata, Susanne Fleischer, Alice Wolfe, Dorte Scheeler, Tess Whitty, Dee Shields

  1. Call to order

Administrator Tapani Ronni (TR) called the meeting to order at 12:35 pm.

  1. Acceptance of agenda

The agenda was accepted as presented.

  1. Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

The Nordic Division (ND) annual meeting minutes from the 55th annual meeting in Chicago, IL, were presented and accepted without correction.

  1. ND overview for 2015 (TR)
  • The number of ND members as of October 2015 was 492.
  • The ND LinkedIn group is active and useful: there have been ten postings, including the minutes from the last ND annual meeting in Chicago.
  • The ND Web site is very static. It was designed by the former administrator.
  • The ND blog is also very static. The Webmaster is ND vice-administrator Charles Ek (CE). We need new material, i.e. articles, which must be approved by the ATA before posting.
  • There is a Facebook page created and administered by Tess Whitty (TW): it is meant to be a less formal forum for discussion, but it has not had much activity.
  • The annual ND dinner will be held at Fratelli Milano, 213 SE First Street, Miami, FL 33131, at 7:15 pm on Saturday, November 8. The venue is only two blocks away. We’ll meet in the hotel lobby at 7:00 pm and walk there. There is no set menu, and everyone will pay individually. At this point, about 12 are coming to the dinner.
  • It was decided (vote by show of hands) that the dinner next year would be on the Thursday, like most other divisions have.
  • We managed to get a Distinguished Speaker for this year: Richard Sciabà from Norway. Thanks to Elisabet Tiselius for helping to find him. He has two presentations tomorrow (Saturday): Translating Norwegian Texts at 8:30 am and Compassion Fatigue: Risk Factors and Prevention for Interpreters at 11:15 am.
  • The current ND leadership council is TR, CE, TW, Catrine Modig, Tom Ellett and Lisa Dahlander. Thor Truelson has expressed interest in joining; TW wished to leave.
  • The question was asked why there were so many members (492), yet so few attending the meeting? One reason given by TR is that division membership is free so we have many inactive members. The largest number attending ever was when the conference was in New York City.
  1. New business for 2015
  • The conference will be in San Francisco next year. ND topics and speakers are needed, and ideas for distinguished speakers are especially welcome.
  • The administrator’s term limit is coming up: he cannot serve as administrator after next year according to ATA rules. TR asked for indications of interest in serving as the next administrator: the division is very small, and there is very little work to the position. CE could take over if he wanted to (CE was not present at the meeting). Technically, TR could serve as acting administrator until someone else takes over. There are no volunteers at this time, so the nominating committee was asked to search. TR was heartily thanked by all members present for his service.
  • TR asked if anyone else would like to join the council. There were no volunteers from the floor. Other members after TW’s resignation are Catrine Modig, Tom Ellett and Lisa Dahlander.
  • The nominating committee (NC) consisted of Tuomas Kostiainen (TK) only, since Jane Kjems resigned this year. TK said that at least two new members were needed, and TW and Charlotte Brasler volunteered, so now the committee has three members. The rules say that the nominating committee cannot nominate themselves for positions.
  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:53 pm.


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