Date:  November 3, 2016

Place: Hyatt Regency San Francisco, California

Present:     Tapani Ronni, Paul Erling, Tina Haurum, Tiina Fallini, Lisa Dahlander, Anna Hermerén, Alisa Hamilton, Carlos Umana, Erling Dugan, Tuija Nordstrom, Sonia Wichmann, Tuomas Kostiainen, Mirjami Ylinen, Thor Truelson, Bo Dahlström, Dee Shields

  1.    Call to order

Administrator Tapani Ronni (TR) called the meeting to order at 12:35 pm after handing out copies of the minutes from last year’s meeting.

  1.    Acceptance of agenda

The agenda was accepted as presented.

  1.    Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

The Nordic Division (ND) annual meeting minutes from the 56th annual meeting in Miami, FL, were presented and accepted without correction or change.

  1.    ND overview for 2016 (TR)

The number of ND members as of October 2016 was 498, which seems to be a high number. Division membership is free, which might have something to do with why so few members show up at the annual meeting.

The ND LinkedIn group is active: there were eight postings during the year, including the minutes from the last ND annual meeting in Miami.

The ATA is working on a new template, so the next ND leadership team can take the lead on implementing that.

The ND blog is also very static. there has been no new content over the course of the year. Charles Ek (CE) is the webmaster and may wish to resign, but it is unknown. Articles for the blog have to be approved by the ATA.

The Facebook group is meant to be more informal: no approval by the ATA is necessary.

The ND dinner at Pläj will be held tomorrow at 8 pm. There are only 24 places, and all of them are taken. More can join us, but whether or not there is room is uncertain. The restaurant wasn’t flexible; we may get turned down at the door. Apologies: more want to go than was expected. We will meet at 7:30 pm in the Atrium lobby (after the Business Practices reception). It will cost 50 dollars instead of the 55 dollars originally announced.

Thor handed over to TR and CE (the latter in absentia) a gift for their extraordinary service of four years heading up the ND administration team.

The 2016 leadership council was TR, CE, Lisa Dahlander (LD) and Catherine Modig (CM), Tom Ellett and Thor Truelson.

TR can no longer serve as administrator according to ATA term limit rules, so he stepped down. LD was elected by acclamation to be the new administrator and Anne Hermerén (AH) the assistant administrator. TR invited LD and AH to close the meeting.

LD and AH announced that they would be working as a team. They have some plans, and we will be hearing from them both. Some discussion followed about the platform to be used for such messages from them: among other things, ATA does not allow division administrators to send more than four email “blasts” (addressed to all members) per year, and such blasts have to be cleared by ATA. Facebook would not be such a good idea, as not everyone is a member there, but perhaps a Yahoo or Google group could be set up.

Paul Erling (PE) asked what the purpose of the ND was: TR said it is a communications channel and “club” for members. PE indicated an interest in joining the Leadership Council.


  1.    New business for 2017

The conference will be in Washington, DC next year.

We need a guest speaker, preferably a local one. A speaker who is cross-cutting would also be good, i.e. would also interest members of other divisions. Suggestions are welcome, as always, as are as suggestions for future activities. Please let the leadership know if you are interested in working with certification or have questions.

  1.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 pm.



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