Welcome to ATA Nordic Divisions Blog

 My name is Tess Whitty. I was asked to take over the administration of our web page. In doing so I was also recommended to do a blog, instead of a web page. So here it is. Hopefully this will also increase communication between us. Any comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. At least in the beginning I think it is good if you send the material you have to me first and I can post it. Perhaps the procedure can be changed later.Right now I especially need tips on links to add, categories that should be included for the posts and whether we want to put our contact info up there.  Please check out the Language and Technology Divisions blog as an example:


I look forward to hearing from you.





One Response to Welcome to ATA Nordic Divisions Blog

  1. Thor says:

    Hi. What are people’s thoughts on a Nordic Division Dinner/Event in Denver? Suggestions? Anyone?

    I would assume Friday night at 7 is the usual time and some sort of nearby upscale-casual the venue.

    Please let me know.


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