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Administrator of the Nordic Division: Lisa Dahlander


Assistant Administrator: Anna Hermerén


If you would like to post something on this blog, please send the material to or, fully edited and ready to publish. Feel free to comment on any of the posts that appear here. When you do, I receive a request for approval before the comment is posted. We look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. indextran says:

    Greetings from one in search of Swedish course information. Spanish to English translation boasts no shortage of courses and study programs, and in fact I have managed to acquire a certificate in that language pair, earned through online coursework offered through New York University. However, I have not had any luck so far finding comparable course offerings in Swedish to English translation. I’d be interested in finding out what courses might be available either online or face to face. A lengthy online search for Swedish courses available has yielded little information about courses other than those covering either general Swedish or Swedish literature. I’m particularly interested in courses focusing on medical Swedish, but what few Swedish medical courses I’ve been able to find out about have consisted mainly of those aimed at doctors and other medical professionals (which might or might not be helpful to translators), but none appear to be offered in the United States. A couple of medical Swedish courses were offered in Stockholm and one is offered in Hungary.

    Below is a link to a description of one of the medical Spanish to English translation courses I took at NYU, and for which I wish I could find the Swedish to English translation equivalent:

    Any suggestions for tracking down a U.S.-based Swedish medical course? TIA for any suggestions.

    Cindy Coan
    PO 12513, Tucson, AZ 85732-2513, USA
    Tel. +1 (520) 750-8439; cel. +1 (520) 405-8083

    Translating Service: Spanish & Swedish to English

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