Nordic Division 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes


Date:              October 26, 2012 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Place:              Hilton, San Diego

Present:               Tapani Ronni, David Rumsey, Charlotte Brasler, Susan Larsson, Anu Erringer, Aleksandra Anderberg-Westun, Catrine Modig, Tess Whitty, Erling Dugan, Saila Milja-Smyly, Lisa Dahlander, Kelly Olsson, Tom Ellett, Paul Norlen, Leona Zacek, Dee Shields

1.                   Call to order

Assistant Administrator Tapani Ronni (TR) called the meeting to order at 10:06 am. Administrator Christian Schoenberg (CS) was in Denmark.

2.                   Acceptance of agenda

The agenda was accepted as presented.

3.                   Approval of minutes of last year’s meeting

The Nordic Division (ND) Annual Meeting minutes from the 52nd annual meeting in Boston, MA, were presented and accepted after a change to section 5: David Rumsey (DR) pointed out that the passage about the leadership council was not quite correct, and he explained the current system as it works. The administrator is the point man for the ATA. DR will e-mail the changes to TR.

4.                   ND Overview for 2011 (TR)

TR presented an overview of 2012 activities.

The ND LinkedIn group currently has 48 members (listed by CS).

The ND Web site: CS made it himself for free. We can change the content as desired.

The ND blog needs input. TR asked for content.

TR had a meeting with ATA president Dorothee Racette: the ATA would like to see more activity and connectivity between members. (To find the ND Web site, go to the main ATA site and search for ND.)

CS reported (through TR) that his idea to contact chambers of commerce and work on ATA/translator awareness ran into difficulties because his approach was not acceptable to ATA, which wants a more centralized approach coordinated with the ATA, e.g. the ATA’s PR Committee. DR explained why: there are over 25 ATA divisions, not all language-related, and the ATA cannot allow too much autonomy from the individual divisions because policies must be consistent across all divisions and there is too much risk of external parties such as chambers of commerce getting incorrect information.  Chambers have no idea what ATA is and what translators do, which is why CS wanted to approach them. Tess Whitty (TW) pointed out that ATA’s chapters have the freedom to do act more independently. DR: Individual members are free to tell chambers anything and everything about ATA, just not appear as a representative of ATA.

Thanks for CS for funding last year’s dinner. All present who attended agreed it was quite an event.

DR explained about how the leadership council system works, e.g. that the Division Nominating Committee looks for the next administrator and assistant administrator from among the Leadership Council members. TR asked for more volunteers for the Leadership Council. CS does not want to continue in the LC in 2012-2013.

TR explained the election system, what elected by acclamation means: if there are no other candidates, there is no need for actual voting. TR was elected ND administrator and Charles Ek the assistant admininistrator by acclamation.

The ND Annual Dinner will take place Friday, Oct. 26th at 7:00 pm, at the La Fiesta restaurant on 5th Street.

5.                   New Business for 2012

San Antonio next year: We had only 2 events this year: the ATA wants us to have more and strongly encouraged us to submit proposals. Distinguished speakers from Europe are more difficult to get accepted, but the more proposals the ATA gets, the easier it is to get one or two through.

TW pointed out we need other speakers too, not just distinguished ones. Division members can be speakers themselves, e.g. they get a conference fee discount, gain status and get published.

Proposals must be submitted by the end of January: send any ideas you may have to TR. Sessions can be subject-related, can be practical and/or can be co-sponsored by another division. Speakers can be Nordic themselves, or the subjects can be Nordic-related.

Charlotte Brasler asked about remuneration for speakers: DR said it depends on how long their presentation is, how much they contribute to the conference, etc.  ATA gives a set sum depending on that. But the best we can do is to sell it on prestige, volunteerism, etc.: the ATA conference has the largest attendance of translators anywhere. Send ideas to TR rather than contacting a speaker yourself.

The ND Web site needs input: please contact CE if you have anything to share or contribute.

There are currently no plans to set up a Facebook page or Twitter feed. If anyone wants to do either, please contact TR.

DR told us that the SWE-ENG certification exam is close to completion. There will be practice tests available in 2013 and sittings as well.

TW: Many SFÖ members are interested in ATA certification. TR: There is no interest in Finland. DS: Not in Denmark, either.

ATA certification is only intended for use on the U.S. market and while there are colleagues in many other countries that are interested; the Nordic countries are generally not.

DS explained Danish system: that authorization requires Danish to be one of the languages in the language pair authorized and requires a Danish master’s degree in LSP or an educational background deemed to be equivalent – and there are very few educational programs abroad that come even close. The Finnish authorization system is largely equivalent to the Danish one.

6.                          Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 10:52 am. Thanks for a great meeting!

#    #    #


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